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Those born on February 1 Zodiac tend to be multi-talented individuals who refuse to conform to traditional ways of thinking or doing things. Despite the fact that others are often swayed by their conviction, it is not uncommon for them to make a spectacular turnaround a month or so later. This unique combination of originality, intuition and flexibility means that people born on this day have an ability to attract and keep success. They can assess a situation quickly and formulate an appropriate course of action but they are also capable of dramatically changing direction as long as it takes them in the direction they want to go.

They can do this with ease because they have the maturity to understand that there will always be different viewpoints.

They have values and beliefs to guide them but they never shut out options that could potentially bring good fortune their way. The willingness to learn and adapt that people born on this day favor means that they are a unique mixture of seriousness and fun, easily able to relate to and influence everyone they meet. The only danger is that by accommodating themselves to others they can lose touch with who they are. It is especially important for them to shift their focus more toward greater self-understanding and to become more aware of the effect others can have on them.

Fortunately, from around the age of nineteen there is a turning point which places the emphasis firmly on developing and understanding their goals in life; at around the age of forty-nine there is a shift toward even deeper self-awareness. Skip to content You will, however, have a very wiry constitution and will recover from illness very quickly.

GotoHoroscope The persons who are related to the fields of business, they may wear the dresses which have all the shades of gold or yellow and even the golden brown. Birthdays in February Personality and Character? Learn your future - uxokizahad. Mars enters Scorpio; cancer daily horoscope astroyogi. But most people just choose to celebrate it on February 28 or March 1 during non-leap years. Planetary Row! It is time to begin taking care of yourself better. In fact, empowering friendships are possible near April 4, June 30, and November 12 when Jupiter meets up with heavy-hitting Pluto in a rare and beautiful conjunction.

This is the "power couple" energy focused on your social networks. You are likely to mingle with at least one person this year who has quite a bit of clout and has every intention of helping you make one of your dreams come true. FIronically, speaking of dreams, Saturn will dip into your quiet 12th House of Release from March 21 - July 1, making you seriously question why you have put so much effort into a specific goal that suddenly means nothing to you. It's the kind of thing where you might have worked for years to achieve something like your own business, a home, or even a specific relationship.

Suddenly, Saturn enters your 12th house and you lose your ambition about the very thing you spent so much time and effort trying to make happen. It's disconcerting at first, but if you lean into it, Pisces, it can become the most freeing experience for you. You might reconnect with relatives you lost touch with between May June 25 as Venus travels retrograde in your 4th House of Home and Family. Eclipses also begin to touch this part of your chart as well as your career sector, signaling major transitions in these areas. Pay attention to what needs to end professionally near the June 5 eclipse so that you can have a massive new beginning in career at the November 14 Solar Eclipse at the top of your chart.

A move is also possible near the November 30 eclipse. Perhaps you'll move back home or in with relatives you used to live with around June 5 while Venus is retrograde , only to move again in late November. Vikram Singh Waheeda Rehman Manager's mom Plot Suraj Aditya Pancholi is a small-time goon who also does good for people and lives with his girlfriend Diana Sheeba Akashdeep , trying to make a living by working against criminals, thus making him an enemy of underworld don Dhanraj.

Raja Sunil Shetty is another small-time, good-hearted goon who does what he wants without any regard for cops or criminals, thus falling into Dhanraj's bad books too. And Dhanr. Sheeba Aslam Fehmi is a feminist writer and journalist in India, and one of the Indian Muslim women scholars who write on Islam among other issues.

Jiyo Shaan Se - Horoscope - 11th March, 2015

She has edited a political monthly Headline Plus and has been the managing editor of a daily newspaper and a magazine. She has also written in major dailies and magazines. Currently she is the India head of a Canada based news portal IndiaTimes. Live www. Besides she is a regular face on news channels on various issues of marginalised and discriminated. Sheeba has written on following subjects; Gender-just understandings of Islam Articulating equality for Muslim women using out of context Quranic arguments. She has a regular column titled Gender Jihad since February This column is published monthly in "Hans"; a Hindi literary magazine.

Belief "My reading of the Quran leads me to believe that Islam stands for justice, that God, as described in the Quran, is Perfect Justice. I can find no verse in the Quran that is an. She performed the theme song to the television series Maniac Mansion. Many years later, she would explain this choice by stating "this woman and her husband were the first couple I met where I could feel the love between them and I held that in front of me as a reference point. Mr Bond is a Indian film directed by Raj Sippy.

Upon release it received poor reviews. Plot Mr. Bond is a dedicated police officer of Bombay's police. He was assigned to a mission to save the children victims of child trafficking. Those small children were abducted and held as hostages by the underworld don Dragon. Cast Akshay Kumar Bond Sheeba Akashdeep Sunita Pankaj Dheer He starts The Buddy Project. Once best buddies, they have now turned into sworn enemies all because of a simple misunderstanding. We can see some new characters in this season along with the old ones.

The film was released in , although it was produced in The audio cassettes were released as Sambandh. Plot Vijay Verma Saif Ali Khan is a rich and selfish playboy who enjoys playing with women by giving a fake name to every girl. His friend, Gopal, Atul Agnihotri tells him several times to stop this act otherwise he will regret it.

One day, Vijay meets a lovely tourist, Seema Pooja Bhatt and falls in love with her after a few meetings. During a separation, Seema sends Vijay a letter about her father agreeing to marriage with Vijay. He replies saying that he will leave immediately to get to her place. Bandish lit.

Restriction is a Pakistani supernatural horror drama series co-produced by Fahad Mustafa, and Dr. Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment.

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A second season has been commissioned. This film was a remake of the Telugu film Yamudiki Mogudu, starring Chiranjeevi in the lead. The film's music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, and the film released on 15 June Plot Kaalaiyan Rajinikanth lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother. He falls in love with a girl called Sumathi Sheeba Akashdeep , but because of his poor background, Sumathi's wealthy father Murukesh Nagesh is not ready to accept him.

Kaalaiyan also gets into hot water with Murukesh as he opposes his men who were planning to demolish some huts. Murukesh and his partner Jaiganesh devise a plan to kill Kalaiyan by tricking him into believing that he was going to marry him to Sumathi. The plan works, and they eventually succeed in killing him. Kalaiyan's spirit goes to the underwo. Popular rapper Baba Sehgal made his acting debut with this film. The soundtrack of the movie was composed by Anu Malik and four songs were sung by Baba Sehgal. The soundtrack of the film was released in and was extremely popular with hits like "Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja".

However, the film was delayed for several years and was released in Kaalia is a Hindi language Indian feature film directed by T. Plot Kaalia is an action flick from the Mithun-T. Prasad team. The film has the usual story line of revenge and the fight against injustice. Kalicharan lives a middle-class life with his unmarried sister. Since Kalicharan is an honest man, he refuses to pay or accept bribes, which brings him into the bad books of gangster Bhawani Singh. When Kalicharan refuses to budge, Singh gets Kalicharan arrested on false charges and he is sent to prison.

A veteran cop tries to change village rules, but he is killed by village goons. Then, his spirit starts to haunt them. He also helps his fellow cop fight against his killers.

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The movie was partly inspired by the Hollywood film Commando. The soundtrack was released in on. Subhash and starring Rahul Roy and Sheeba. Plot summary Avinash Saxena lives with his uncle and cousin, Vimal.

Much more than documents.

His uncle passes away, leaving the estate to him, as he is aware that Vimal is a wastrel and alcoholic. Nevertheless, the two cousins get along quite well.

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  • When Avinash goes to visit one of his houses in the country side, he finds out that his servant, Ram Prasad, had let his bedroom to a young woman, Gloria, without his permission. After he meets Gloria both of them fall in love with each other and get married in a simple temple ceremony. They then return to the city, where Gloria, who is now Pooja, is introduced to Vimal.